Golf bag is a transportable storage bag for golf clubs. A golf bag is characterized by:

– Slide-in compartments for the insertion of the golf clubs from above,

– Several zipper pockets for jackets, caps, balls, drinks, food, teas and much more,

– Handles, straps, loops and straps, used to carry the golf bag,

– A stand which extends when the bag is adjusted (only with Carry and Stand bags).

Depending on whether in winter or in the summer, whether on a private golf course or in a golfing tournament, the golfer needs more or less pockets for clothes, drinks and food. The tour bags towed by caddies on professional golf tournaments have the largest storage space, but they are mostly oversized for the amateur golfer and therefore not meaningful. Therefore, portable golf bags which are carried over the shoulders and golf bags constructed to be mounted on a collapsible trolley. Portable golf bags weigh about three to six kilograms, while a touring bag usually doubles the balance.

Golf bags are available in various shapes and sizes.

Tour bag

So-called Tour bags with more than 9 inches in diameter provide the greatest storage space and are therefore preferred by golf professionals. They are so powerful that they are too heavy to carry. However, a tour bag is not available on any trolley. In addition, these bags have pockets on all four sides and a trolley prevent access to one side.

Cart bag

Termed Trolley or Cart Racks with two or three wheels, used to accommodate a golf bag in order to spare the golfer hauling his equipment. The manufacturers have adapted themselves and added special cart bags to the program. The outer pockets are arranged in such a way that they are suitable for all trolley types.

Carry bag

Many golf courses in our latitudes suffer during the cold season under water masses. The softened soil was damaged by the wheels of a trolley. As a result, many trolleys are prohibited in winter and the golfers have to avoid carry bags. These have not only a shoulder strap, like the Tour bags, but a special belt system that allows the best golf bag to carry like a backpack. Most carry bags also have two automatically swinging legs to allow even on uneven ground a stable stand.

Stand bag

As the name suggests, the key feature of a stand bags is automatically folded out when parking legs. They are the ideal helper on golfing in winter. Also for the holiday trip stand bags are ideal, because they are characterized by a low weight. Stand bags are available in different sizes. You can take between six and fourteen beaters.

Pencil bag

You just want to briefly work on the driving range and even with three or four thugs? Then a Pencil bag is exactly the right thing. In a Pencil bag fit only four golf clubs and maybe four golf balls. If you have a transport problem, do not want to miss a round of golf even in a strange place