In the cold period of time, the central heating system makes the air in the room dry.

Moisture in the room, which has a battery does not exceed 20%. To feel much needed moisture of at least 40% .In addition, dry air are allergens (dust, pollen, minute bacteria) Able to cause various diseases (asthma, allergies).Adults already well adapted to the adverse conditions described above, which is not for young children, for which dry and polluted air is dangerous.

Why do we need a humidifier in the child’s room?

best humidifier for baby

Newborns are not trained until the end, so it is difficult to breathe this air. Toddlers intensively lose moisture through the skin, and it causes dehydration

The favorable climate in the baby room will create a cool mist humidifier.The device is characterized by small footprint, low power consumption and high efficiency.

Operating Instructions

Principle of the operating humidifier is as follows:

  • Integrated fan draws air from the room and drives through a system of filters and releases already cleaned air in the surrounding space.
  • Prefilter holds larger particles of dust, the electrostatic filter releases air from fine dust and other microparticles due to the effect of electrification.
  • Then the air passes through an activated carbon filter that removes harmful gases and unpleasant odours.
  • Achieve purified air can be added aromatic oil, which is very important today.

Health kid

In the room where humidifier works, better breathe.

In young children improves the quality of sleep, they become more active and feel better.

Disappears mortgage problem beak in the morning.

Harmful microorganisms present in the dry air, is no longer afraid of the baby’s growth.

Reduces the risk of diseases of the respiratory system, which is especially important for children who are prone to an allergic reaction.

The pure and humidified air contains several molecules of oxygen which are necessary for the normal functioning of the little man.

If your child is still very low, it is necessary to think seriously about buying a humidifier.

All humidifiers are divided into four types:

  • Traditional
  • Steam humidifier air
  • Ultrasound humidifier
  • Climate systems

In traditional humidifier the air is forced through the soggy strip without heating. Evaporation of moisture in this case, occurs naturally. This type of evaporator is characterized silent operation, ease of use and maximum efficiency.

Steam humidifiers evaporate moisture by means of two electrodes immersed in water. Power consumption is slightly higher capacity of traditional moisturizers, but the intensity of evaporation is 3-5 times more. Evaporation occurs Made by force, so that the device can easily exceed the “natural” level the moisture level.

Ultrasonic humidifier – the most efficient. The inside of the body under the influence of high frequency sonic vibration generated cloud of water particles. Through this fan blows air from clouds from the outside. Systems are characterized by the highest performance, and minimal noise.

Complex climates – committed and flexible devices that not only humidify, but also clean. In addition, the device can operate either in one mode, or both simultaneously.