Choose the Golf clubs for beginners is tough if you do not know the different characteristics of the golf club. To find out if the game suits before us meets our needs we value their various attributes.

The Sticks for most players when we think about changing our game of golf clubs think of the latest model released by our favorite brand. Compared with that which we have recommended and we’ll Internet and look for the most recent market developments. With all this data we create our table of possible sets of golf clubs. Now begins the arduous task of finding our ideal game sticks. Does it sound?

Pinemeadow Men's PGX Golf Set

About the rule because they are specified for low handicap players, and it is normal that not our case. Others dismiss because we have seen on the golf course and we do not like aesthetically. Others we tested because our friend let us take a few blows with his brand new set of clubs and were not able to straighten any blow. It may also be to give us the impression not reaches the distance we understood that we should achieve.

In this way, we will gradually eliminate different sets of clubs until the search is reduced when we think will be our new set of clubs. Then we headed convinced to the pro shop to order them. Am I wrong?

If we act compulsively, quickly we buy that set of clubs with which we have always dreamed of. We’re looking forward to the golf course to see how well and long to throw the ball. We will feel the kings of the field and not repair more.

If instead, we act more slowly, we go to our favorite store and ask to professional golf. When we indicate the set of clubs that want to begin the most committed party .. We start to ask and answer surely we will not know. What lie we want, what rod, what is the speed of your swing, if we want to point high bending low or medium … And if ya ask us if we want a certain degree of torque will fall apart and we realize how important it our choice is to leave in the hands of a professional.

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We begin to understand that in a set of clubs there is much more technology than it seems. We learn that the clubhead is perhaps less important in that we try to complete puzzle piece. That what has brought us head for days, it is the least important.

But then, what should we study to know which set of golf clubs we want? There are several things we should be aware when evaluating our ideal golf club, among others are:

  • The angles of the club head.
  • The characteristics of the golf rod.
  • The grip.

The angles of the head of golf clubs

Having chosen the model set of clubs, many uncertainties will not know solve by ourselves appear. One is the angles of golf clubs including two aspects fundamentally differ:

The loft is the angle between the vertical face of the stick, with the rod. Yes, we know this issue though many did not know what it was called. Under this angle, we are aware that the sand wedge is 56 ° or the pitch is 52 °. Yes now! This fact is known, right? But why our pitch can not have 50th? 53º Why not? Between 50 and 54 there are 4 degrees difference and yet all those sticks still pitch. The truth is that not all have to be the 52º angle, but that we should calculate a professional.

Lie: We are facing one of the angles of the golf club and certainly less known than the former. This is the angle between the club shaft, supporting the bottom of the stick on the ground, with the ground itself. Thus, the more you have the stick lie farther you have to put the ball to hit the ball correctly.

The characteristics of the rod set of clubs

The choice of the rod is essential to adapt the game sticks to our needs. I consider the most important election of the bar that the selection of the clubhead. The choice of the rod, in turn, depends on several factors that try to analyze:

Swing speed is the speed we can print to the clubhead at the time impacts the ball.

The hardness of the rod: all rods are bowed when to swing. In the same way, the rushes bow when the wind blows, bars are curved more than others. Even if we make the same swing.

Twist Rod oddly enough, the swing produces on the rods a twist on its axis. It is similar to what happens when we scurried a damp cloth to remove excess water. This is what we call spin torque. This word is with the professional Store have previously left us with his mouth open. Now we can close it.

The bending point: we have said that the rods are bowed. But not all the rods are curved in the same way. It depends on the structure of the bar (not of the clubhead). It can be bowing the rod like an arc, that is, arcs from the center of the rod. It may also be that the lower part or arching over the top. It depends on the rods take our set of clubs.

All these points influence when choosing the right rod for our game of golf clubs. Who’d say! How much to study!

And what grip to choose?

The grip is the only area of the game of golf clubs in contact with our hands. Therefore it is the only area on which we can act to print to stick the effects we desire.

What we must ask the grip to suit our needs? We must seek a grip sweet as any tension to grip the golf club will reflect negatively on the coup. We should value be in the grip characteristics:

The thickness of the grip: there are players with small hands and others with large hands and for all not worth the same grip. There grip that are fatter and less. We will choose the one grip that best suits our needs.

The gripping ability: there are very abrasive, harsh grip, which produces a lot of grips and another much smoother. We choose the one with which we are most comfortable.

The grip is much more perishable than the golf club so we will change grip several times during the life of our game of golf clubs. Our reputable dealer will help us choose the one grip that best suits our needs.

Our recommendation

We have reviewed all the components of a set of golf clubs and, as we see, are not few. Our recommendation is that we let advised by a professional so that precisely suits our game of golf clubs to our swing.

Another alternative that is worthy of study is closer to the feeling that is made recurrently in the golf courses. With a professional brand, we will try different styles to find the best bat according to the characteristics of our swing. They are usually free but, yes, we may need an appointment for this analysis.

If you are interested in purchasing a set of golf clubs here, we leave a link where you will see a variety of games of golf clubs for the one you like.